Serving God in your Church

What is God saying to me?

1. I should recommit myself to serving God though His Holy Spirit where he has placed me, at home, at work and at church?

2. God is calling me to step out in faith through His Holy Spirit and serve Him in a new way. I would like to find out more about how I can serve God in the Church (see below)

3. I want to follow Jesus and receive His Holy Spirit  – I would like to find out more about being baptised

4. I’ve already given my heart to Jesus and this is my church now – I’d like to enquire about church membership.

5. I need some help – please could one of the leaders visit and pray with me (fill out the form below)

Unsure where your shape might fit?

Does God encourage you about anything particular as you read this list? The items with an * are areas where we are particularly looking for help just now.

 Teaching * Sunday School – Primary or Creche

Join a House Group, sign up for Alpha

Administration Doing some DIY, Counting the offering,

Catering for regular or one off events, taking minutes,

Pastoral * Visiting members of the church

*Producing church photo album

Evangelism Messy Church,

Social Care * Parents & Toddlers (Tues or Thurs am)

Also join the Social Programme group, help with Coffee and Chat, Knit and Natter,

To all the World (Mission) * Home Mission rep.

Support other Missions eg YMCA, Link Romania, Tear Fund, BMS, Christian Aid, Spurgeon’s Child care, etc

Regular Worship *Singers, *Musicians (particularly guitarists)

*Preparing Power Point for Sundays *Prayer Ministry

Also Flower arranging and stewarding

Read the bible in church,  offering lifts, Coffee team, Sound Desk,  etc

Youth * Youth Club

Prayer of JH Newman (adapted)


 God knows me and calls me by my name

God has created me to do Him some definite service
He has given some work to me

which He has not given to another
I have my mission
I may never know it in this life

but I shall be told it in the next.

Somehow I am necessary for His purposes
I am a link in a chain between people.

He has not created me for nothing
I shall do good – I shall do His work
I shall be an angel of peace
a preacher of truth

as long as I follow his rules.
Therefore I will trust Him,

 whatever, wherever I am,

I can never be thrown away.