What’s on

Regular Activities

As a church we want to work out our faith in serving the community. Lots of people do that in all sorts of different ways.

The church building is an important resource; we use it to run our Parent and Toddler Group, Youth Club, Messy Church, Quizzes, Barn Dances etc.

We also welcome local groups looking for a venue. Currently we host 2 groups for the visually impaired, a drama group, a local choral society, arthritis care, a karate group and many other occasional events.

The calendar is quite full – but if you are looking for a venue, please call Naomi on 07582 981 298 for  bookings.

Our full list of regular activities include:

  • Sunday:
    • Weekly praise and worship service – 10:30am
    • Church Meeting, 6:00pm 2nd Sunday (alt months)
    • Prayer Meeting, 5.30pm 2nd Sunday (alt months)
  • Tuesday:
    • Parents & Toddlers, 9:30 – 11.30am
    • Coffee & Chat, 2:30pm 3rd week
    • House Groups:
      • Isobel, 7:30pm. Tel 219783
      • Kate’s, 7:30pm, tel 212132
      • Ward’s, 2nd week &  Batten’s 4th week. Tel 221699
  • Wednesday:
    • Knit and Natter 2:15 2nd & 4th weeks
    • House Group, 7:30pm Steve and Angie’s, 1st & 3rd weeks Tel 761656
  • Thursday:
    • Parents & Toddlers, 9:30 – 11.30am
    • Prayer Time 1:45pm at Connie’s tel 210610
    • Youth Club, 7–9:15pm for year 7–13